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These are the lateral roots from one of our four year old Kava (Piper Methysticum) plants. This is the medicinal variety of Kava and believed to be used by the Hawaiian Kings.

Hawaii Island Grown Kava-Kava

"Our Kava Kava plants are grown chemical free. We rely on our volcanic soil and pure Pacific rain to provide the necessary ingredients to make our kava products the Worlds Best."

Hawaiians have been growing Kava (Awa) without chemicals for thousands of years, why change the tradition?

Available in various Kava pill quantities.
$14.50 - $150.00

Pure Kava Root Powder

At our Estate Grown Hawaii farm we only use the lateral Kava roots, the roots of the Kava plant with the highest concentration of the active ingredient. We do not use any kind of fillers, stems or leaves in our Kava products.

This is a whole kava root product. The Hawaian variety we use, in addition to being grown organically, it is grown in virgin soil and allowed to mature for 8 years, this produces a full spectrum of 19 kavalactones in all*.

We process our Estate Grown Kava through our in-House process,
The Chrystosurfactization MethodTM, to preserve the full range of kavalactones and make the most potent natural Kava root pills possible.

Each absorbs at different rates, which causes many different effects. The process we use does not damage the total kava lactones. We do not soak our kava root in alcohol to extract the kava lactones.

We enclose 500mg of pure Kava root powder in each vegetarian gelatin capsule. There are 60 pills in one gold tin.

*Kava referred to in this document is exclusively cultivated and processed by IrishNature and processed through the Chrystosurfactization MethodTM. Estate Grown and processed on Hawaii Island under the strict guidelines of the Hawaii Island Organic Farmers Association.

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